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The world is a very big place and no single person can cover it alone.

We are always looking for talented writers who have seen the world on a budget to share their advice and recommendations with us and our community of travellers. If you have think you have something worth contributing to our travel almanac then get in touch at: jjfox@thebackpackersalmanac.com

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4 thoughts on “Write For Us

  1. Hi 🙂 I think this site is fantastic. Well done for setting it up. It is sorely needed. I have quite a few tales from Africa and Asia, personally that I will try and submit to you when I get a gap. What I wanted to find out though is where you are based? A friend of mine has a business that takes backpackers and students around South Africa based on the type of activities they want to do and at local rates. Do you have any kind of platform that allows for an article about something like this?

    Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment, it’s great to know we are making an impact on people. We are based in the UK. This business in South Africa sounds really interesting, if you can give me a website name or contact details I’d love to get in touch and write up an article about it!

  2. Hi and thanks for the great site. It’s nice to read articles by real life travelers (i.e. on a budget) rather than just the ones written by the same old magazine writers all the time. That’s why I like sites like this one and TravelingTweeters.com. I’m going to be doing some backpacking in Fiji in early 2016 and hope to be able to send you an article about that pending adventure.

    Keep on wandering and happy trails to you.

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