Weekend Tripper: Part One

With the smell of mulled wine creeping into the air and Christmas lights making their appearance all over the city, it is safe to say that summer, or whatever poor excuse for a summer the British weather provided us with this year, is well and truly over. There’s no denying that winter in London has a certain magical charm to it, but the grind of the 9-5 is even more ungodly when accompanied by icy winds and sleet. Yet, there is an escape, albeit only temporary, available to everyone, even those of us who blew their entire bankroll and remaining holiday on 3 weeks sunning it up in Bali over the summer. The weekend trip is the perfect way to get your kicks, lap up some new culture and de-stress after a long week. Naturally, London is one of the best places on earth to be if your feet are itching for a quick adventure on the continent, what with Stansted, Heathrow, City and Gatwick but a stones throw away. Here at BPA, we’ve trawled through the good, bad and the ugly to bring you our hand picked Big 5 weekend trip destinations:


  1. Dublin

Because what else are you meant to do in Dublin?

With Ryanair flights for as little as £20, Dublin is an absolute must. Splash the cash on Grafton Street, chow down on the world’s best burgers in Jo Burger and top it all of with a fruity cocktail in Pygmalion, a favourite with the locals.


  1. Amsterdam

Imagine what it looks like on a nice day

There’s a lot more to this gorgeous little city than coffee shops and the red light district. It’s small enough to walk around and more than enough culture and quirks to fill a couple of days! Soak up Anne Frank, Van Gogh and Heineken during the day and then dance the night away in Escape, Amsterdam’s top super club.


  1. Berlin

All the history

This city has a reputation for being almost intolerably edgy and while it’s true that every inch of Berlin oozes ‘cool’, there’s more on offer than just Berghain. Release your inner history geek on a walking tour before seeing off a stein or two at one of the beer houses.


  1. Budapest

This is an actual real photo that I took on an iPhone…

So cheap it feels like you’re stealing. Seriously. Budapest is one of the best cities in the world for people who want to party all night, but don’t have the budget to do so. Be sure to check out the mineral baths for a daytime detox and the underground ruin bars afterwards for a re-tox session.


  1. Tallinn
Because who doesn't want to spend their weekend in the world's creepiest abandoned prison?

Because who doesn’t want to spend their weekend in the world’s creepiest abandoned prison?

Estonia? What? Hello, curveball. This might come as a surprise but Tallinn has a lot to offer tourists, from an abandoned soviet prison (Patarei Prison), to karaoke bars to the world’s most incredible pancakes at Kompressor.

Stay tuned for the next 5 soon!

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